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I recently got my Code Signing Certificate using K Software. Did some research on who best to deal with and who might be best to issue that certificate. They were also recommended by another software company who I have had extensive dealings with. Have gone through the certification process twice with K Software The communication was great. The service was great. The service was prompt. Ample explanation, support and follow up. Nothing was too much. Very pleased and impressed.

- Laurence R. L. Gartner | TriSigma

The team at K Software are knowledgable and experienced. They helped us get the right certificate for our needs instead of trying to push us to the most expensive option. But, their amazing customer support extended beyond the sale, when they helped us with building reputation and even gave suggestions for improving our existing certificate structure! That's going way beyond the scope of many other companies like them. The best price and the best customer service will keep us coming back (and recommending them to other software companies). Thanks, guys!

- Aaron West | MediaShout

We purchased a code signing sertificate from K Software to sign our Microsoft click once WPF and winforms applications. K Software was patient to help us install and configure everything since we are not experts in this process. The certificate worked as advertised, the support is stellar, great experience!

- Igor | Exis, LLC

We've purchased both SSL and code signing certificates from K Software.net and I will say we are more than impressed. Not only is the price affordable, but the support has been amazing in helping us through the process. The support level from K Software is better than I would expect from a company that charges for support. I have no doubt we will continue to do business with them for a very very long time!

- Stephane Grenier | LandlordMax Software Inc.

I always go to K Software for code signing certificates. Not only do they offer excellent pricing, but they also provide excellent FAST technical support when you have questions - as is often the case when implementing a technical solution that only comes up once every one to three years!

- Dan Hite | TedCo Software

K Software over-delivered in every sense of the word. Before purchasing my code signing certificate I was able to speak to a live person and verify that their one certificate could be used on both Windows and Mac platforms, unlike the more expensive services. Then, their customer service did all they could to expedite the delivery of our new certificate. It is rare these days to deal with a company where the only surprises are good surprises. I would not hesitate to use K Software again....and again!

- Lee Rautenberg, Inventor of pcAnywhere | NxGen Software

Dillobits Software has repeatedly relied on K Software's reseller service for Sectigo digital certificates, a universally recognized and trusted certificate authority. The service provide by K Software is cost effective and efficient, with world class support. Always reliable and problem free, highly recommended.

- Jean Cyr | Dillobits Software

All our products are signed with a certificate purchased from K Software. Not only K Software offers the absolutely best prices, they also provide unbeatable support. I've already recommended K Software to many, and will continue to do so. You would be crazy to use any other reseller!

- Jiri Novotny | Dextronet

I sincerely advise anyone thinking about getting a code signing certificate to just forget about the other providers and go straight to K Software; this kind of responsiveness and service is literally one in a thousand.

- Vince | Viridum

Price is fantastic, but the service is really what's going to keep me coming back. I had moved a few times so I was having trouble with COMODO's validation process. I sent one email to support and the K Software team was able to get everything cleared up for me and my certificate ready to go the next morning.

- Chaz Littlejohn | Pokeit LLC

Clear instructions, outstanding support, reasonable prices, and quick delivery. Compare to the other certificate vendors, which have... well, NONE of that!

- David Hyde | Hydesoft Computing

What an improvement to an already easy process! With the free and easy kSign utility from K Software, mere mortals like us can now sign their apps without a diploma in code signing techniques.

- Nadav Elyada | DealPly Technologies Ltd

As a repeat customer I can recommend K Software without hesitation - excellent customer service and great prices!

- Jeff Moskow | Ready-to-Run Software

K Software's service is prompt and helpful. Code signing certificates are an important thing for software publishers, and I will continue to trust K Software as my source for this vital part of my business

- Brandon Staggs | SwordSearcher Bible Software

Thank you very much. This is just awesome/inspiring customer service!

- Haseeb Abdul Qadir | Jump Desktop

I just want to thank you for the great and prompt support I received over the weekend – Your help is much appreciated. Also, I have to say that once the certificate was received from Sectigo I had it installed and operational in record time thanks to your tutorial videos and your brilliant piece of code signing software. I had been paying many hundreds of dollar more per year elsewhere and always had difficulties and could only use Command Prompt to sign which was a pain in the &*%^&$.

- Matthew Jones | Accountingpower

Using K Software's services turned out to be an excellent experience. Easy to work with, very supporting and helpful with all aspects of the application process, from legal documents to following up on my experience. Highly recommended.

- Dennis Wallentin | .NET, VSTO & Excel Blog

If you're looking to purchase a digital certificate, check K Software first. Excellent customer service and excellent prices!

- Eugene Mironichev | ByteScout Developer Tools

We've used K Software's code signing certificates for years – the company's support is absolutely fantastic.

- Ken Morse | Ilium Software